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  Da Fon Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. has the ability of the recycled maintenance procedure and complete technology to create the high-efficient service and better quality for the environment.
 Zero Waste and Resource Recycling Promotion
   Da Fon Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. not only helps everyone to learn how to differentiate trash and resource but also integrates the recycling stations for convenience. Our aim is to use our professional recycled technology for resource cycling.
 Professional Equipment, Renewable and Reduce Carbon Footprint
   To make the low-carbon environment is the most important issue now. Da Fon Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. has verified that the carbon emissions reduced 65% by using the recycled material. We not only create the new value of recycled plastic but also reduce the waste to make the energy efficiency and carbon reduction.
 The Systematic Flow Management, Completely Industry Production
   From the product consumer used, the resource recycling, the disposed regeneration, the resource re-produced to the consumer re-used, it show’s Da Fon Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. has the complete, high efficiency, convenience and good services of recycling procedure.
 The Creation of Green Product Consciousness
   The green environment issue is the most important issue of all the enterprises. Everyone has to learn how to protect our environment, like choose the recycled material, use the recycled product and do the resource recycling habitually. On the other hand, we use our brand and professional technology to do the resource recycling without pollution for our green Earth.
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