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 Take the responsibility of taking care of the Earth, Creating the Low-carbon homeland forever.

  Da Fon Environmental Technology always keeps the management philosophy – be attentive and innovative and turning stones into gold. We improve the future environment, and create the beautiful and unpolluted world. In terms of the recycling, the waste has the best reusable value, which reduces the carbon and further reaches the eco-friendly concept that no waste is abandoned.

 Environmental affairs are diversification, effectively done to customers' satisfaction.

  Da Fon Environmental Technology is diversification. We obtain the A-grade and B-grade waste clearance license. We also can satisfy customers such as enterprise, community, school and government. Furthermore, we provide human recourse into the factory service for the enterprise, including material reorganization, waste sorting and waste destruction affairs. Besides, the normal-scale, large-scale waste transportation, and recycling transportation beautifies the recycling storage. Reporting the related environment laws contributes to integrating the logistics system. Last but not least, we will create the win-win situation with the high-efficient service quality for our customers and the environment.


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