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  Da Fon Environmental Technology was established by Mr. Lin in 2001, with the aim to make money while helping the environment. Seeing as our natural resources are depleting quite rapidly, Mr. Lin corralled a group of investors with the same environmentally conscious sentiments, and formed our corporation. What we aim to do is changing the recycling industry as it is known, and that is what has been going on since 2001. We started on a little country road in a town called Zang Hua in Taiwan. After 7 years, here we are with standardized franchises all over the country numbering 22 and growing. What Mr. Lin observed in the recycling industry lead him to try and change the face of it. What used to be considered an unpleasant trip to the dumps, with its off-putting sights and smells, is now designed to be beautiful and visitor friendly with DA FON. In fact, our company contributes educationally in each community it is a part of. We take an active role in opening our doors to the local youth, educating them about Mother Earth and how to treasure our resources. In terms of our modernization, beyond the fact that we have totally computerized our operations for corporate standardization, we have become GPS locatable. Anyone with a GPS device can find us in seconds, and navigate directly to our nearest station for easy recycling and extra cash. That helps the elderly in our community staying busy collecting cans, all the way up to foreign sellers with container loads of recyclables. We have the weigh-in scales for the full gamut. Our goal is to wipe away the image of recyclers of the past, and replace it with excellent customer service, beauty and fun. Can saving the world be that pleasant? We believe so.
 Business Concept  
  • From the heart:
    We embrace Mother Nature with true appreciation of her resources, and work to incorporate this friendly regard into both our professional endeavors and private lifestyles.
  • Innovation:
    Regular brainstorming activities help us come up with new ways to improve the value of recyclables while raising prices.
  • Turning rock into gold:
    One man's rubbish can be another man's prize. Let's take what was once deemed worthless and restore it with new value.

Address:No.287, Chongde 9th Rd., Beitun District, Taichung City 406, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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